….Life itself is like a Lottery except you never had a choice to buy or not to buy your ticket. You have no say in where and how you are born, you cannot pick your parents or their background and you have no say in how you are being treated or educated in the early years of your life. That is what I call the “Lottery of Life”; you get a ticket and have to deal with it. You may find yourself born to rich parents and some may consider that is a win in the lottery. You will only find out years later if that in fact was a good start of your life. It depends a lot on how you are being brought up and educated, factors you cannot control in your very young life….

…….This story is a reflection on what my ticket presented me with and how things shaped up over the years, with some efforts on my part to deal with the change in numbers coming up like on a Poker machine…..

…. I have mentioned some names just to keep you alert in case your own name pops up some time later. Many people have not been identified as I did not want to write another telephone book. I would have liked to write more about certain people but since they are still alive and bigger than me I prefer to be quiet and enjoy my retirement…..