The Tin Horse Highway

The_Tin_Horse_Highway_Preview_Page_2_2Born in Berlin, Germany, in 1941, Folker Krueger grew up in a city isolated by politically induced boundaries restricting the free movement of its citizens for many years. That was one of the reasons that Folker left home at the age of 20 to start his journey pursuing his career in many parts of the world. Travelling in a Volkswagen Beetle through the Middle East he made Sydney, Australia his next destination. Several years later and having moved to Perth, Western Australia, he had to follow new callings to work in a number of different countries in Asia for period of 27 years. On returning to Perth in 2004, Folker continued his hobby of flying gliders with the Narrogin Gliding Club which gave him the opportunity to meet many different characters, city boys and solid country folks.


Kulin was only a blob on the map for him when trying to fly across the farming country and using the Kulin wheat silos as a navigation reference. It was to be many years later that Folker finally drove through the Shire and saw the exotic sculptures created by the local community which is now known as The Tin Horse Highway. He could not resist documenting what he had seen and was prompted to give his own instantaneous comments on each piece of art. From his point of view there has been a lot of hard work, sweat and tears involved to get this horse gallery up and running. But the most interesting aspect for Folker was the implicit humour evoked by each display and he tried to capture all that in this pictorial tribute to the community of Kulin, Western Australia.

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