Lottery of Life

The Lottery of Life represents the Memoirs of a simple Freight Forwarder.


Folker Krueger tells an interesting story from earlier childhood in occupied Berlin, the constant struggle to gain knowledge and the irresistible pull of new challenges in foreign countries.

The Lottery Of Life by Folker KruegerDuring his training as a freight forwarder he decided that any future career would have to involve travelling and working in different places. Besides all the planning the “Lottery of Life” put quite a few obstacles in his way and had to be dealt with.

Different people in different countries and strange cultural differences had to be dealt with in places like Switzerland, Great Britain and later in Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Indonesia, not to mention the once in a life-time experience of travelling overland towards Australia in an old VW Beetle. The Middle East appeared to be a bit more peaceful at that time but camping out in some of the places did provide some excitement nevertheless.

All is told with the kind of humour which is being attributed to the people of Berlin. It makes easy reading and gives a very good insight into the daily life of an expatriate living and working in Asia for 27 years. Work had been demanding but also rewarding in many different ways. Political upheavals and constant changes in the business environment demanded new approaches to every situation with the aim of still surviving in the harsh world of corporate demands.

The book will touch on many different subjects of interest to the general public but could also be an eye opener to members of the “Logistic Industry” (as it is being called these days instead of freight forwarding.)


The book has been published in May 2016

Designed by Mich Lee and richly illustrated by well-known Darlington Artist Alastair Taylor.


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